Suchitoto – Three Lady’s

While at Suchitoto Sandra and I had some fun photographing some of our great companions; Molly and Susanna. They were both great. We tried to get some pictures of Sandra, but she was fairly uncooperative.

At the present I don’t feel like saying just a whole lot about these pictures. That is because I’m tired right now. Photographing beautiful young women was a new experience for me, but I enjoyed it. I would appreciate hearing opinions and critiques about the pictures.


IMG_5702 - Version 2


IMG_5734 - Version 2


IMG_5718 - Version 4



IMG_5658 - Version 5

IMG_5736 - Version 3



~ by Aaron on August 9, 2009.

3 Responses to “Suchitoto – Three Lady’s”

  1. Haha. It’s a bit, ah, awkward to make analytical comments about these ladies too.

    I like #3 of Mollie the best. Her face doesn’t need to fight with all the busy details for attention.
    Sandra’s saying, “OK, if I cooperate this will be over sooner. But not soon enough.” 🙂
    Susanna’s at rest and directly engaging in #2. #1 and #3 go off in different directions.

    OK, uninformed but well-meaning blather from another wannabe, with even less-developed chops. But hey, it’s fun to look at others’ pictures!

  2. ha ha ha!! and while you enjoyed shooting beautiful ladies, patrick sat in the van ___________.

    your comment made me laugh, Eugenius. i actually CAN be photogenetic… mostly when i want to. but that day my eyes were awfully tired of squinting, so much that i could hardly smile naturally anymore.

  3. Nothing too exotic,just some very nice portraits for the most part!

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