Well, about a week ago I edited a few a pictures that I took about two weeks ago in the town of Suchitoto, uploaded them, and then never got around to posting them. So…. here are a few of the pictures. Hopefully I’ll get around to posting more pictures before too long. Life has been busy in the past week. I worked over 47 hours at my new job, and had stuff going about every evening. So anyways….

IMG_5816 - Version 2



~ by Aaron on August 8, 2009.

3 Responses to “Suchitoto”

  1. oh yes!! cool shot of the door n’ lock, but is it just me or is it crooked?
    love the last one. am wondering what it looked like in color? i think his dark skin would help make him stand out more from the background, but who knows? and i am still angry at you because you have more nerve than i do.

    i can’t wait to see more pics and pick them apart for you. lol….

  2. Sandra you are SO hard on the guy! I think the photos are awesome…but who am I to speak…I was just the tag-along. Concerning the possibility of crookedness, I looked at that until my brain hurt. I think both pieces are wonderfully artistic and you really should try to sell them.

  3. Hmm, I think I’ll go side with Mollie. She’s easier on me. 🙂 Actually Sandra, I did take a closer look at the door and lock picture and decided that yes, it is crooked, and yes, I should straighten it, so yes, I went and straightened it, but I didn’t repost the straightened version.

    I did more editing to the old man picture, and now I’m liking it better in color. I didn’t like my old color edit as good as the b/w, which is why I posted the b/w.

    Thanks guys (or I guess “gals” would be more politically correct in this case). I appreciate the feedback.

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