Lee & Yvonne’s family

•October 16, 2009 • 2 Comments

This blog has been way too inactive the last while. I’ve been trying to decide whether I want to bother trying to keep it up or not. I guess I’ll leave it for now, but I sure won’t promise any regular posts. I’m discovering how busy life can be to regularly work 11-12 hour days, have something going in the evenings half the week, and then taking trips every weekend. I haven’t been here in KS for a complete weekend for a month now. Oh well, I’m enjoying the trips I’m taking, so…

Right now I’m on my way to PA for the wedding of Jonathon Yoder and Joanne Beiler. I think they are a very cool couple and I’m quite tickled to be able to be at their wedding. I’m also looking forward to hanging out with friends this weekend.

So anyways… About a month ago I shot some pictures of my uncle Lee’s family. Portraits of each of the children, then also a family picture. I enjoyed shooting children. It was very challenging.

Here goes…









Audric & Cameron


The whole family




Big Brother with Little Brother

•August 25, 2009 • 1 Comment


This evening I was working on editing some more pictures that I took around a month ago at Suchitoto. These two little boys were playing in a park that we were resting in.

On this picture I used a photoshop action that I found online. I forget what site it was.


Suchitoto – Three Lady’s

•August 9, 2009 • 3 Comments

While at Suchitoto Sandra and I had some fun photographing some of our great companions; Molly and Susanna. They were both great. We tried to get some pictures of Sandra, but she was fairly uncooperative.

At the present I don’t feel like saying just a whole lot about these pictures. That is because I’m tired right now. Photographing beautiful young women was a new experience for me, but I enjoyed it. I would appreciate hearing opinions and critiques about the pictures.


IMG_5702 - Version 2


IMG_5734 - Version 2


IMG_5718 - Version 4



IMG_5658 - Version 5

IMG_5736 - Version 3


Suchitoto – flowers

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I like taking pictures of flowers. Thus, back when we went to Suchitoto I took several pictures of flowers. I’m glad God made flowers.


I have a very strong fondness for this b/w picture. I can’t exactly put my finger on why exactly it is that I personally like it, but anyways…


This weekend has been very busy, due to the wedding of John and Heidi. The wedding was very nice. The singing was fabulous; it felt like I got invited to a free concert. At the reception I got to sit at the same table as Eugene Friesen, EJ and Ben Beachy, and part of the time Hans and Benji Mast. It was a very good table to sit at.

Last evening there was volleyball for all the local and visiting youth. There was around 12 teams playing on two courts, which meant that there was more time spent sitting then playing. After the vball a bunch of us guys went over to the Shetler’s house to hang out. We at some snacks, drank some coke and coffee, and then after awhile started listening to good inspiring music. We kept listening to one group after another; Celtic Women, Celtic Thunder, Josh Groban, U2, King’s Singers,  Trans Siberian Orchestra, and I figure  a few others that I’ve forgotten. The group kept diminishing until it was just the three Shelter guys, Eugene, and myself. It was an awesome time! The only bad part about the evening/night was that I didn’t leave till after 3:30am, so I didn’t get a whole lot of sleep.

This week for me will probably consist of working till Thursday, then on Friday going down to Arkansas for the weekend. I’m looking forward to seeing everybody there again. O, and btw, last Monday I started working for Pleasantview Home Improvements. They do siding, guttering, doors, and windows. I’m on one of the siding crews. So far I’m enjoying it. They do mostly metal siding. I’m learning that metal siding is much harder to put on then vinal siding.





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Well, about a week ago I edited a few a pictures that I took about two weeks ago in the town of Suchitoto, uploaded them, and then never got around to posting them. So…. here are a few of the pictures. Hopefully I’ll get around to posting more pictures before too long. Life has been busy in the past week. I worked over 47 hours at my new job, and had stuff going about every evening. So anyways….

IMG_5816 - Version 2


Some portrait’s of myself

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For awhile now I’ve been thinking I should get some fresh and new pictures taken of myself. I’m not really sure why I need pictures of myself; I know how I look. So anyways, nearly two weeks ago I was over at Loncho’s for the evening and got the talented Miss Sandra Ramos to photograph me to the best of her abilities. I think she did a pretty good job, considering the subject she had to work with.

For these first two pictures, we were outside using mostly natural lighting with some fill flash.


After that we got my flashes and umbrella out and I tried to coach Sandra through her first time with off-camera flash.


It then started raining, so we moved inside. The garage doors worked as a suitable backdrop. Susanna and Cecilia did a great job of holding the lights.


We had a problem with the one flash not going off, and so finally I went to check it, and here low and behold the wireless trigger was turned off. Turning that on made things work a lot better, but that flash still had issues firing. I think I need to change the battery in my trigger.


So anyways… I’d like to thank Sandra for the great job she did, and for the fact that she is letting me put them on my blog. It was a different experience being the one being photographed, instead of being the one behind the camera like usual. I think I learned some stuff through the experience.


Another edit of Caleb’s pictures

•July 24, 2009 • 1 Comment

Last night I was looking through some of Caleb’s pictures, and I decided to do some more editing to the one. Changed it to b/w, and did a few other edits. I like this version a lot better than the old one.

IMG_5412 - Version 2